Influencer Program

The Koala Influencer Program reinvents the way women buy swimwear.
It gives the opportunity to everyone to use their social media or anything surrounding them to receive swimwear.

We believe that everyone has the power to become an influencer and receive the advantages of one.
Such as:
  • Having the possibility to get swimwear whenever you want.
  • Feeding your Instagram with beautiful pictures. 
  • Receiving store credits.
The program consists in having a discount code to share with your friends. Each person who uses your promo code helps you gain money to buy too. 
To be part of the program, follow the steps 


1. Fullfill the contact form below to receive your own promo code.
2. Share this code with your friends.
3. Receive your advantages.


Become an influencer

The promo code represents 10% OFF everything on the website. 

As an member of the Influencer Program, you will start receiving credits usable on the website.



How can I advertise my code?

Almost all of our influencers use instagram to share their codes. Using your instagram story is a great way to start your advertising. You can use your bio and the caption by posting one of our pictures. You can even reach people directly to share your code. 

When will I receive my credits?

Every week. You will start receiving an email during the first week, giving your credits you earned as a member of the Influencer Program. 

How do you give the credits?

The credits are given as a normal discount code, worth a certain amount of money and make you able to buy on the website. You can use this code during the checkout of your order. 

What if I have 2 different credit codes?

If you have for example 2 codes of $10 each, you will be able to use only one of them during the checkout. We cannot merge both of them together.

Can I use my own promo code?

Yes. You can use it for yourself. You would then have 10% off your orders and also receive credits every week.

Have a question? Write us